Job costing and profitability analysis

  • Are you sure every job is profitable?Advisory Services, Training & Support
  • Do you know which projects are costing you money?
  • Are you spending too much time doing your job costing in spreadsheets?
  • Are you having trouble keeping track of all project-related expenses?
  • Is accurate job costing critical to the success of your business?

If you are concerned about these questions, you need to speak with us now!

In any industry, knowing your costs is important. But if your business is involved in the costing of jobs or projects then you recognize that knowing or not knowing your costs is the difference between success and almost certain failure.

Margins are tighter than ever. The pressure to offer rock bottom prices in a bid to undercut the competition means there is a very real risk of committing more in time or resources than you’ll get back in revenue.

You can try to compensate by raising costs, but you risk becoming uncompetitive in the process. So the only logical way to prevent this is to monitor costs at every stage of the project.

Estimating simply isn’t good enough. To get control and visibility on your costs, profits and resources you need one thing above all – detailed, timely and accurate information.

Our experience can help you gain the control you need over job costing. Let us show you how easy it is to get started saving time and money while enjoying profitable job and project costing.

You have your business goals…we have solutions. Let’s talk!

Budgeting and Forecasting Services

Is your business struggling with cash flow?

Would you like a better system in place to help control your expenses?

Do you need customized reports that your accounting software does not provide?

Customized Financial Reporting

As a bookkeeping and accounting firm, we have many years of experience in designing customized Excel reports. Software applications are only as good as the data you can extract from them and we can build reports that make your data clear.

We can customize your reporting from QuickBooks and Sage 50 so you can see the information you need to make the right decisions.

Training and Support

Have you decided that you would like to try doing your own bookkeeping? Don’t know where to start or what software to use? Mary is an advanced user of many different bookkeeping software systems and would be happy to get you started. Mary can also provide ongoing support and training.

Understanding your Accounting System

  • Really understand your financial statements
  • Setup the chart of accounts
  • Change and fix the chart of accounts
  • Cash vs. Accrual accounting
  • Use general journal entries
  • Setup and use subaccounts

Getting Started

  • Set up your company
  • Move around your bookkeeping software...EFFICIENTLY
  • Get help...FAST

Everyday Transactions

  • Selling: invoices, sales receipts, payments, deposits, credit memos, and customer statements
  • Buying: bills, bill payments, checks, bill payment stubs, bills vs. checks, and credit memos
  • Inventory: purchase orders, receive items, adjust inventory
  • Sales Taxes: set up, adjust, pay, and report sales taxes
  • Banking: bank reconciliation and locate discrepancies

Tips & Tricks

  • Special "Window" tricks
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Create custom invoices and other forms
  • Add logos and custom fields to forms


  • Setup employees, payroll items
  • Track time and invoice time
  • Process paychecks
  • Modify paychecks
  • Prepare tax forms

Accounting System Conversion Services

Are you thinking about setting up your first accounting software program?

Do you need to switch from one accounting software program to another?

Would you like some help in training your staff to properly utilize your existing software?

Are you having trouble deciding between Quickbooks, Sage 50 or another accounting software system?

Do you worry about losing information data when you make the conversion?

An accounting system conversion is where you move your financial data records from one accounting system to another. This could be from Sage 50 to QuickBooks, Account Edge to Simply Accounting, or even a manual accounting system being handled in Excel or on paper ledgers to a computerized system.

Converting your accounting system can be done for various reasons. The most common reasons for accounting system conversion are:

  • you have outgrown your existing accounting system
  • you are not getting the technical support you need for your system
  • you do not have a computerized system in place and manually tracking your financial records has become onerous and inaccurate

All of our system conversions include training on the proper use of the accounting software you have chosen to convert to.